Reformer Pilates Teacher!

💪It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years, but with Marley, work and yoga teaching, I just didn’t have the capacity.🙏Finally I’ve completed my teacher training in Reformer Pilates.💫The alignment was perfect, PGP pain from very early on meant yoga just wasn’t right for me this time round, so I honoured that and hung upContinue reading “Reformer Pilates Teacher!”

Clubhouse Calling!

I’m delighted to have been invited to host a Clubhouse for a half term special on how to claw back some all important ‘me time’. Essential for us parents but often the hardest thing to do! Just making a few tweaks means you can do something for you. I’ll be joining Karen from Hudini CoachingContinue reading “Clubhouse Calling!”

WillU Wellness Online Yoga

FREE weekly class every Monday of lockdown at 12:30pm 45 minute lunchtime flow – all levels practise. Class gifted by WillU Life to encourage wellness 💜 JOIN USING ZOOM LINK & PASSWORD BELOW Passcode: Yoga Meeting ID: 493 117 2813 Allow yourself this pause in your day, to connect with you breath, move yourContinue reading “WillU Wellness Online Yoga”


Improves Concentration & Productivity Boosts Confidence, Enhancing Performance Reduces Stress Related Health Problems & Sick Leave Increases Value and self worth Create a community At WillU Wellness, our aim is to help companies become healthier, more productive and more engaged. We encourage a holistic approach to employee wellbeing by creating a culture of health andContinue reading “CORPORATE WELLNESS”