Reformer Pilates Teacher!

💪It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years, but with Marley, work and yoga teaching, I just didn’t have the capacity.
🙏Finally I’ve completed my teacher training in Reformer Pilates.
💫The alignment was perfect, PGP pain from very early on meant yoga just wasn’t right for me this time round, so I honoured that and hung up my mat for a while.
📘This allowed me the space to dedicate myself to the course and start a new chapter. Keep learning, keep growing.

🏡We have a Reformer in our studio at home where I teach 1-2-1 clients. If you’re interested get in touch, babies/kids are welcome whilst you train.

🙏🌸 Baby Wilson incoming Jan 2023. We’re very excited, and for now, I’m taking a break from teaching. See you on the other side of the baby bubble!

Published by tillieyoga

Essex / London based Yoga Teacher

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